Closed Loop Marketing

Actually Requested and Delivered into the Pockets of Your Customers

“In the one interaction; your customers hear your message and you hear from your customer!”

Offer Prizes and Rewards Through your packaging

Below is REAL DATA from a Case study of our multinational client, who sent Meemio targeted messages to their database members:

79.9% of recipients opened the link Of these, 96.3% complete the process through to a redemption of a prize or offer 75% of recipients open the message link more than once! 56.8% more than twice!! 24.3% more than five times!!!

Imagine using a marketing technology that could give you similar cut through. Your target Audience request these messages and will know the messages they receive are genuine.

  • % Delivered/Sent 95.7%
  • % Opened/Delivered 79.9%
  • % Completed/Opened 96.3%
  • % Viewed More than Once 75%
  • % Viewed 3 Times or More 56.8%
  • % Viewed 5 Times or More 24.3%


80% of Recipients Opened the Link

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